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Hunter Collins
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Hunter Collins
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Microwave cooking notes

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Microwave Hunter Collins
  1. Acceptable coverings
    1. Paper towels
      1. Wax paper
        1. Plastic wrap
        2. Advantages
          1. Warms up leftovers
            1. Defrosts meat
              1. Cook foods quickly with higher quality
              2. Non-microwavable foods
                1. Eggs in shells
                  1. Pancakes
                    1. Canning foods
                      1. fat free popcorn
                        1. deep-fry foods
                        2. Techniques when cooking
                          1. Stirring
                            1. Turning over
                              1. Standing time
                                1. Shielding
                                  1. Covering
                                    1. Rotating
                                      1. Pricking
                                        1. Select foods of same size
                                          1. Arrange food in circular shape
                                          2. Unacceptable dishes in microwave
                                            1. metal
                                              1. Dishes with gold or silver
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