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  1. magnetron


    • it produced short radio waves
    1. travel through a wave guide
      1. and then the waves go to a fan like utensil called a stirrer
    2. acceptable to microwave
      1. paper
        1. plastic
          1. glass
            1. microwaveable dishes
              1. unacceptable to microwave
                1. metal
                  1. dishes with gold or silver
                2. don't microwave
                  1. eggs in shell
                    1. pancakes
                      1. large amount of foods
                      2. popcorn kernels
                        1. deep fry foods
                          1. canning foods
                    2. microwaves bounces of of the sides of the oven
                      1. heat is inside the food so the food does not stop cooking when you turn off the oven
                        1. steam can build up inside confined areas and cause foods to explode
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