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Microwave Mind Map

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  1. advantages
    1. warms up leftovers
      1. faster
        1. retains nutrients
          1. tastes better
          2. defrosts meat
            1. turn the food
              1. separate the pieces
                1. allow large items to stand for complete defrosting
              2. dishes to use in the microwave
                1. paper
                  1. plastic
                    1. glass
                    2. coverings for dishes
                      1. paper towels
                        1. wax paper
                          1. plastic wrap
                          2. foods that should not be microwaved
                            1. eggs in shells
                              1. they explode or burst when heat builds up
                              2. pancakes
                                1. they don't get a crust on them
                                2. popcorn
                                  1. not enough moisture
                                3. TIPS
                                  1. NEVER PUT METAL OR FOIL ITEMS IN THE MICROWAVE
                                    1. ROTATE FOODS WHILE COOKING TO COOK MORE EVENLY
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