Microwave Oven

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notes on microwaves

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Microwave Oven
  1. The magnetron produces short radio waves called microwaves
    1. These waves travel through a wave guide
      1. A fan like device called stirrer that scatters the waves throughout the oven
        1. The waves bounce from wall to wall until they enter the food
        2. The water molecules in the food are dipolar
          1. Have a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other
            1. Act as magnets as the microwaves pass into the food
              1. The rapid vibration from molecules creates heat
              2. Advantages- Warms up leftovers, defrosts meats, freshens snacks, cooks foods quickly.
                1. Has been around since 1945
                  1. Acceptable dishes- plastic, glass, microwaveable dishes.
                    1. Foods that should not be microwaved- eggs in shells, pancakes, deep fried foods, large amounts of foods.
                      1. The more food you cook in the micowave, the less energy there is for the food to absorb.
                        1. Food cooks quickly and has no tie to brown.
                          1. Arrange food so that the thickest is on the outside of the plate.
                            1. The microwaves do not go through metals.
                              1. Use potholders to avoid burns
                                1. Removed food from the oven before it is totally cooked, allows some microwaves to finish cooking.
                                  1. Heat is inside the food, so food does not stop cooking when oven turns off.
                                  2. Foods at refrigerator and freezer temperatures take longer to cook
                                    1. Density affects cook time
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