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Microwaving Notes-ALEX ARNOLD


awesome notes for microwaving
alex arnold
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alex arnold
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Microwaving Notes-ALEX ARNOLD
  1. Microwave ovens cook food by creating radio waves
    1. The molecules rock back and forth very fast to create friction and heat
      1. A microwave oven has a tube called a magnetron
        1. stirrer- piece in the microwave that scatters out microwave
          1. Water molecules have a positive and negitive charge
            1. The charges in the water molecule act as a magnet
              1. never put metal in microwave
    2. to cook more evenly stir the food before cooking
      1. cover food with plastic wrap,paper towel,lid or wax paper
        1. microwaves speed up cooking
          1. retains nutriants
            1. defrost meats
              1. plums raisens
            2. eliminates extra fats and oils
              1. deep fried food shouldnt be microwaved,fats temperature cant be regulated
          2. canned foods dont cook well in microwaves
            1. the waves travel through a wave guide a rectangluar metal tube
              1. dishes with gold or silver shouldn't be put in microwave
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