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Cooking Methods


Good info on cooking (:
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Cooking Methods
  1. Dry Heat
    1. Direct OR Indirect heat can be used
      1. Direct is like a grill, indirect is a stove
        1. Grilling: Food cooked on rack above fire
          1. Roasting/Baking: Hot oven, heat surrounds food and cooks around it
            1. Sauteing: Cooks food quickly with a little fat in warm oven
              1. Deep Frying: Food cooked in hot oil
                1. Stir-Fry: High heat with little fat
                  1. Pan-Fry: Small heat and small amount of oil
                2. Using dry heating methods, food may lose moisture
                  1. You may need to add moisture to the food before you prepare it
                    1. To add moisture, you can use barding, larding, and marinating
                      1. Barding- wrapping items in strips of fat
                        1. Larding- Inserting fat into lean meat
                          1. Marinating- Soaking items in wet ingredients
                      2. Methods
                        1. Without Fat: Broiling, grilling, roasting, and baking
                          1. With Fat: Sauteing, Pan or stir or deep frying
                            1. Broiling- Heat to cook food, cooked from above
                          2. Moist Heat
                            1. Boiling: Hot water, good for paste and corn
                              1. Simmering: Cooler constant water; confused with boiling
                                1. Poaching: Water with no bubbles, 160-180 degrees
                                  1. Blanching: Used for cooking food before putting on pan
                                    1. Steaming: Cooks food by surrounding food with steam
                                    2. Stewing & Braising
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