Cooking Mind Map Kaylee Prebles

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microwave tips

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Cooking Mind Map Kaylee Prebles
  1. Benefits
    1. Warms up leftovers
      1. Defrosts meat
        1. easy for quick meals
        2. Acceptable Dishes for microwave
          1. Paper
            1. Plastic
              1. Glass
                1. Microwaveable dishes
                2. Things to not put in microwave
                  1. metal
                    1. dishes with gold or silver
                      1. eggs in shells
                        1. pancakes
                          1. popcorn (unless with fat)
                            1. canning foods
                              1. large amounts of foods
                              2. Microwaves cause molecules in food to vibrate
                                1. Microwaves bounce of side of oven
                                2. The more food you are cooking, the less energy there is for each item to absorb
                                  1. Larger amount of food will need longer time to cook
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