Cooking Methods

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Cooking Methods
  1. Cooking is the process of preparing food for eating
    1. Two main methods
      1. Dry-heat
        1. Uses direct or in-direct heat
          1. Direct:- grill; in-direct- oven
        2. Moist-heat
          1. Barding- wrapping fat around it
            1. Larding- inserting fat inside
              1. Marinating- soak item in ingerdients
                1. Boiling
                  1. Large bubbles
                  2. Simmering
                    1. Completely submerged on low temperature
                    2. Poaching
                      1. Cooking between 160* F and 180* F
                      2. Blanching
                        1. Variation of boiling
                        2. Steaming
                          1. Cooks by surrounding item with steam
                      3. Methods without fat
                        1. Broiling
                          1. Uses heat source from above food
                          2. Grilling
                            1. Cooked on rack above heat source
                            2. Roasting
                              1. Hot dry heat in the oven
                              2. Baking
                                1. Hot dry heat in the oven
                              3. Methods with fat and oil
                                1. Sauteing
                                  1. Small amount of fat over high heat
                                  2. Pan- frying
                                    1. Small amount of fat with less intense heat
                                    2. Stir-frying
                                      1. High heat with small amount of fat
                                      2. Deep-frying
                                        1. Submerged in hot oil
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