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Luke Deaton
Mind Map by Luke Deaton, updated more than 1 year ago
Luke Deaton
Created by Luke Deaton over 6 years ago

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  1. small waves that cook food
    1. an easy way of cooking food
      1. no metal
        1. density affects cooking time
        2. defrosts meat
          1. warms up leftovers
            1. turning over
              1. stirring
            2. food cooks quickly
              1. put plastic wrap over pan before cooking
                1. no egg shell with egg
                  1. no large amounts of food
                  2. no deep fried foods
                  3. no panckaes
                    1. no canning foods
                    2. standing time
                      1. sheilding
                        1. use paper in microwave
                          1. no gold or silver
                        2. covering
                          1. rotating
                            1. pricking
                            2. arrange food in circular shape
                              1. use plastic in microwave
                                1. use glass in microwave
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