Cooking Methods

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Cooking Methods
1 Dry heat
1.1 direct heat
1.2 in-direct heat
1.3 without fat
1.3.1 broiling high heat below heat source
1.3.2 grilling above heat source
1.3.3 roasting surrounded in heat
1.3.4 baking in oven
1.4 with fat
1.4.1 sauteing quick high heat
1.4.2 pan-frying battered lower heat
1.4.3 stir-frying high heat low fat
1.4.4 deep frying batter and submerged in oil
2 moist heat
2.1 simmering
2.1.1 completely submerged moderate temperature
2.2 poaching
2.2.1 160-180 no bubbles
2.3 boiling
2.3.1 boiling temperature large bubbles
2.4 blanching
2.4.1 prepares food
2.5 steaming
2.5.1 surrounds with steam
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