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Differential Achievement


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Differential Achievement
  1. Social Class
    1. Material Depriviation
      1. Housing
        1. Overcrowding/Sleep
        2. Diet and Health
          1. Immune system
          2. Finances
            1. Lack of money
          3. Cultural Deprivation
            1. Parental Interest
              1. Attitudes and Values
                1. Sugarman
                  1. Fatalism
                    1. accepting the situation rather than making an effort to improve it
                    2. Immediate Gratification
                      1. the enjoyment of pleasures at the moment rather than sacrifice for future reward
                      2. Present time orientation
                        1. focused on the here and now rather than the future
                        2. Collectivism
                          1. loyalty to the group rather than emphasizing individual achievement
                      3. Language
                        1. Cultural Captial
                        2. Labelling
                          1. Self-fulfilling prophecy
                          2. Setting and Streaming
                            1. Subcultures
                            2. Gender
                              1. Role Models
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