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Microwave Notes


microwave mind map
Alexa Coburn
Mind Map by Alexa Coburn, updated more than 1 year ago
Alexa Coburn
Created by Alexa Coburn over 6 years ago

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Microwave Notes
  1. Advantages
    1. Warm Up Leftovers
      1. Faster, retains nutrients, taste better
      2. Defrosts Meat
        1. Turns food, seperate foods,allows large items to stand,Use immediately
        2. softens brown sugar
          1. Brown sugar, plumps raisens
            1. Plumps raisens
              1. freshens snacks
              2. Acceptable Dishes
                1. Paper
                  1. PLastic
                    1. Glass
                      1. MIcrosafe dishes
                        1. Unacceptable
                          1. Metal
                            1. gold/sliver
                          2. Acceptable Coverings
                            1. Papertowels
                              1. Plastic Wrap
                                1. Wax Paper
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