Stitching Snow

Jade Jones
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Jade Jones
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My Q2 book project

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Stitching Snow
  1. Charactors
    1. Dane
      1. Dane is a kind man who is a lot nicer to Essie than any other person
      2. Essie
        1. She is hard working and very smart
        2. Dimwitt
          1. He is a very dumb but very loyal android
          2. Cusser
            1. He is a very helpful android who could tell you a few choice words. Giving him the name Cusser
          3. Theme
            1. It is always best to stand up for what is good for the world Even if you don't want to at first
              1. Example: Essie faces her fears and does whats best fo the planets
              2. Setting
                1. Planet Thanda
                  1. Planet Windsong
                    1. Future
                      1. Planet Garam
                        1. Plant Exile
                        2. Main Conflict
                          1. Dane crashes on planet Thanda and needs to have his ship fixed.
                            1. Dane discovers who Essie is so they have to go on a big adventure
                            2. Author
                              1. R.C. Lewis
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