HOR Functions

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functions of the House of Representatives

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HOR Functions
  1. Legislative
    1. THEORY s51 initiate, scrutinise, debate + pass laws
      1. PRACTICE •private member bills rarely successful (15 passed) •flood gating-pacific solution passed in 1.5days
    2. Representative
      1. should be representative body
        1. Rep interests of select group in society e.g. nova peris (2013) 1st indig woman
          1. Poor at providing voice for minorities e.g.Ken Wyatt-1st indig elected to HOR
            1. ^minority rep e.g. 2010 Adam Bandt 1st greens member elected in HOR
              1. • Gov dominates, doesn’t always rep ppl e.g. gillard’s carbon tax
            2. Responsibility
              1. ministers help responsible for all actions (CRM+IMR)
                1. motions of no confidence easily defeated bc gov majority
                  1. CRM+IMR not always followed e.g. Scott Morrison (Immigration)-asylum seeker death during Manus Island riot, PNG
                2. Debate
                  1. wide ranging debates from multiple viewpoints, standing orders, MPI...
                    1. gag+guillotine shuts down debate
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