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Maze runner The Scorch Trials


quarter 2 mind map
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Maze runner The Scorch Trials
  1. Conflict
    1. After The group of Thomas and his friends got out of the maze they were sent into the scorch and were bombarded the Crancks which were people that got the flare and Thomas and his friends found out that most of them were immune to the virus except his best friend newt which was not emmune to the virus so he was told not to think as much so that the virus wouldn't start to fast
      1. The cause is that him and the other glladers get out of the scorch so they get to the wicked place and got to be the and recover from all that had happened
    2. Theme
      1. The message of the story is that you have to use all your resources to get to what you want in the end
        1. This is brought out in the story when Thomas and the glader's get all the food and water into pouches made out of bead sheets and other cloths
        2. Characters
          1. Jorge
            1. Best Pilot in the business
              1. Worked for Wicked
              2. Tarisa
                1. First Female in the story
                  1. Likes Thomas
                  2. Brenda
                    1. also likes Thomas
                      1. works for wicked as a doctor
                    2. Settings
                      1. The Scorch/ The
                        1. 200's,to the 2050's
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