After Ever After

Joci Hasson
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After Ever After
  1. Main Characters
    1. Jeffrey Alper
      1. determined to be "normal"
        1. Will stand by a friend
      2. Tad
        1. Smart
          1. A great friend
        2. Lindsey
          1. Will be there for a friend
            1. Kind hearted
        3. Setting
          1. Prestant Day
            1. Small Town
            2. Main Conflet
              1. Jeffrey Alper finds out that in order to pass 8th grade he must pass a math test the thing is that he dose not understand math.
                1. Jeffery had leukemia treatment which has made him not under stand thing as well as he did before treatment.
                2. Theme
                  1. Don't let the past diffine your future
                    1. The Theme is brought out in the story because even though Jeffrey and Tad have been though a lot they are still determine to do normal things
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