Only the Good Spy Young

Breanna Holman
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Breanna Holman
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Story elements

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Only the Good Spy Young
  1. Theme/Message
    1. Just because you think somebody is something, they could be completely opposite of what you think
      1. How brought out in my book- Cammie thought that Mr. Solomon was a good guy, but he was not
    2. Main Characters
      1. Rebecca Baxter (Bex)
        1. Cammie Morgan (Cam)
        2. Main Conflict
          1. Conlfict/Problem
            1. Cammie cannot trust her old teacher, Mr. Solomon, anymore
              1. Cause
                1. Mr. Solomon is working as a double agent but Cammie did not know.
          2. Setting
            1. Location
              1. Lnodon
                1. Gallagher Acadamy
              2. Characters
                1. Mr. Baxter
                  1. Bex's Dad
                  2. Mrs.Baxter
                    1. Liz
                      1. Mr. Townsend
                        1. Cam and Bex's teacher
                        2. Bex's mom
                        3. Abby
                          1. Cammie's Aunt
                          2. Macey
                            1. Zach
                              1. Cam's Friend
                              2. Cam's Friend
                              3. Joe Solomon
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