Elements of the Novel: One for the Murphys

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Elements of the Novel: One for the Murphys
  1. Setting
    1. Murphys house and schools in connecticut
      1. Preasent day
      2. Characters
        1. Toni
          1. Confidient
            1. Forgiving
            2. Mrs. Murphy
              1. Generous
                1. Humble
                2. Carley
                  1. Strong
                    1. Shy
                  2. Main Conflict
                    1. Cause - Carley was in a forter home with the murphys while her mom was in the hospital, her mom becomes healthy. Now she wants to take Carley to Las Vegas.
                      1. Conflict - Carley doesn't want to go to Las Vegas, she wants to stay with the Murphys.
                      2. Theme
                        1. The Murphys were more like a family to Carley than her mom ever was.
                          1. Just because you are related to someone, doesn't mean your family
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