Elements of the Novel

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Elements of the Novel
  1. Half Upon a Time
    1. Setting
      1. This story takes place in present day
        1. May is from our world Jack is from a Fairy Tale World that May crosses Over into.
        2. Characters
          1. Jack
            1. 1) His Dad is Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk 2) He lives with his Grandfather
            2. May
              1. 1) May found out that her Grandmother is the Wicked Queen 2) She doesn’t believe in magic
              2. Phillip
                1. 1) His Dad is the Giant From Jack and the Beanstalk 2) He is a Prince
              3. Theme
                1. Message: Heroism
                  1. Jack is the unlikely hero of this story. He is the son of a criminal and has no desire to be a Hero or marry a princess. Jack shows his bravery throughout the story in his actions when faced with danger and tough choices.
                  2. Conflict
                    1. Problem: Jack, May, and Phillip Are trying to find May’s Grandmother.
                      1. Cause: Snow White and the Wicked Queen had a battle. The Queen took Snow White during This battle.
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