Elements of the Novel Quarter 2

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Quarter two Mind Map Abby Sancken

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Elements of the Novel Quarter 2
  1. Theme
    1. Message/Theme- Friendships can be hard, but if you stay true to your friends you will be rewarded!
      1. How it is brought out in the book- When Sophie lies to Isabella tensions become high, but Sophie apologizes and their friendship becomes even stronger!
      2. Main Conflict
        1. Conflict/Problem- Isabella is very hurt and upset with Sophie for lying to her! Sophie needs a way to get Isabella to forgive her.
          1. Cause- When Sophie is faced with a decision to make she decides to lie to Isabella which makes Isabella hurt, and upset with Sophie.
          2. Setting
            1. Time- Modern Day
              1. Place/Location- Willow, Oregon
              2. Characters
                1. Name- Isabella
                  1. Characteristic- Willing to forgive others for doing wrong
                    1. Characteristic- Very talented at baking
                    2. Name- Dennis
                      1. Characteristic- Very kind to others
                        1. Characteristic- A true friend to anyone in need
                        2. Name- Sophie
                          1. Characteristic- Amazing young actress
                            1. Characteristic- Very talented at baking
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