Fats ~ Oils

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Fats ~ Oils
1 fats
1.1 protect internal organs from shock and injury, insulate the body, and promote healthy skin.
1.2 provide 9 calories per gram.
1.2.1 A nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation and protection
2 oils
2.1 Oils are fats that are liquid at room temperature.
2.2 Oils come from different plants and from fish
3 Fat is a great source of back-up energy. Should be secondary to carbohydrates.
4 Fats are the most CONCENTRATED source of energy.
5 Fat Function
5.1 Supplies heat (insulation) Carries Vitamin A,D,E,K (the fat soluble vitamins) Adds flavor to food Satisfies hunger, feel fuller longer Protects organs from shock and injury Promotes healthy skin
6 Fat types
6.1 Saturated Polyunsaturated Monounsaturated
7 Fats that usually come from ANIMAL sources, solid at room temperature. (cheese, milk, meat, palm oil, coconut oil)
8 Trans fat is an unsaturated fat molecule chemically changed to be a solid fat.
9 Hydrogenation: chemical process making liquid fat a solid fat
9.1 Butter- fat extracted from milk and churned into a solid
9.1.1 Margarine: butter substitute made with fat from plants
9.1.2 Lard—extracted from animal fats
9.1.3 Vegetable Oils: oils extracted from plant sources Vegetable Shortenings: a blend of oils HYDROGENATED to become a solid Rancid: Fats that have begun to decompose (you can smell it)
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