Fats & Oils

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Fats & Oils
1 Savannah Pheanis, period 3
2 FATS (9 calories/gram)
2.1 Benefits of fats: they protect your internal organs, insulate your body, & promote healthy skin. Also adds flavor and satisfies hunger
2.1.1 Essential nutrients ( carries vitamins A, D, E, & K)
2.1.2 Made of Triglycerides
2.2 Most concentrated source of energy (quick)
2.2.1 3 Types: Saturated (single carbon bonds) Solid at room temp (cheese, milk, meat, etc) Raise HDL & LDL Polyunsaturated Semi-liquid at room temp (found in vegggies & fish) Lower HDL & LDL Monounsaturated Liquid at room temp (oils, nuts, etc) Raise HDL, lower LDL
2.3 Transfats: unsaturated fat molecule; chemically changed into a solid
2.3.1 Last longer- can cause heart disease
2.3.2 Visual Fat: Fat you can see with your eyes
3 Oils (liquid fat at room temp)
3.1 come from different plants and fish
4 Lipids: chemical compounds including fats & oils
5 Cholesterol: fat-like substance in our blood
5.1 Linked to heart disease and obesity
5.2 High Density Lipoprotein ("good type")
5.3 Low-density Lipoprotein (creates build up in arteries)
6 Other Definitions:
6.1 Butter: Fat extracted from milk & churned into a sold
6.1.1 Margarine: butter substitute made with fat from plants Lard: extracted from animal fat Vegetable oil: extracted from plants Vegetable Shortening: oils hydrogenated Ranicd: fats that have begun to decompose
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