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  1. Fats
    1. Fats protect internal organs from shock and injury, insulate the body, and promote healthy skin.
      1. provide 9 calories per gram
        1. most concentrated forms of energy
          1. A nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation and protection
            1. types of fatty acids
              1. Saturated
                1. Only in animal forms. solid at room temperature
                2. Polyunsaturated
                  1. Found in veggies, fish, semi-liquid at room temperature
                  2. Monounsatured
                    1. (Semi solid) or liquid at room temperature
                  3. Supplies heat (insulation)
                    1. Adds flavor to food
                      1. Satisfies hunger, feel fuller longer
                        1. Satisfies hunger, feel fuller longer
                          1. Promotes healthy skin
                            1. Fat soluble vitamins (ADEK) can ONLY dissolve in Fat
                            2. Oils
                              1. are fats that are liquid at room temperature.
                              2. Lipids
                                1. A family of chemical compounds, which include fats and oils
                                2. Cholestorol
                                  1. a fat-like substance made of glucose or saturated fat (in our blood)
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