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fats and oils Abby Pokorski 4th period

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1 Cis and trans fat-do not go rancid and they are stable
1.1 terrible for your health
1.2 far worst than saturated fats
1.3 change textures in foods
1.4 technically a type of unsaturated fat
2 How to know if something has trans fat?
2.1 look for the words partially hydrogenated
2.2 made by partially hydrogenating unsaturated fats
3 olive oil-100% fat, unsaturated, no trans Pancake mix-11% fat, more than half
4 Fats- a nutrient that is essential for body for energy, insulation and protection
4.1 most concentrated source of energy
4.2 provide 9 calories per gram
4.3 supplies heat, carries vitamins A, D, E, and K, adds flavor to food, satisfies hunger,protects organs from shock and injury, and promotes healthy skin
5 Oils-fats that are liquid at room teperature
6 Lipids-a family of chemical compunds
7 Cholesterol-fat like substance made of glucose and saturated fats
8 Fatty acids-chemical chains that make up fat
8.1 Saturated fat-fats that usually come from an animal source; raises LDL and HDL
8.2 Unsaturated fat-double bond; most are good for you
8.3 polyunsaturated- found in veggies and fish; lower both LDL and HDL
8.4 monounsaturated-semi solid or liquid at room temp
8.4.1 raises HDL and lowers LDL
9 Cholesterol
9.1 HDL cholesterol- good for you
9.2 LDL-bad for you; too much can lead to heart attack
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