Book Project Quarter 2

Ella Dethlefs
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Ella Dethlefs
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Book Project

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Book Project Quarter 2
  1. Ella Dethlefs
    1. Legend
      1. Setting
        1. Location: Los Angeles, California
          1. Time Period: Future
          2. Characters
            1. June
              1. June is Metais's sister and is strong, brave, and a bit of a trouble maker. She is also very smart
              2. Day
                1. Day is always looking out for his brother who has the plague, and is the most dangerous criminal in the Republic. Day is strong, caring, and brave
                2. Metais
                  1. Metais is June's brother and is very protective, strong, brave, and caring
                3. Theme
                  1. How it is brought out in the book: The theme is brought out in the book when June and Day realize that the government may be giving people a virus on purpose, so they can build a strong city. This comes as a shock to June because she has always believed in the government, and never second guessed them.
                    1. Theme/Message: The theme is that things may not always be what they appear to be
                    2. Conflict
                      1. Cause: June captured Day because he was the most wanted criminal in the Republic. June also thought that Day killed her brother Metais
                        1. Conflict: June has to look for a way to break Day out of prison, after realizing that he can help her.
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