The Joy Luck Club

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The Joy Luck Club
  1. Communication
    1. difference in communication
      1. Mothers can speak Chinese, but only a little English
        1. Daughters don't know how to speak Chinese, but can speak fluent English
        2. Lack of Communication
          1. When Lindo gives Waverly silent treatment
        3. Cultural Differences
          1. Mothers were born and raised in China, the Chinese way
            1. Daughters were born in America raised in a modern environment
              1. Waverly has a white fiance, which her mother at first does not agree on
                1. "To act like you? So important. Go to fancy barber with torn-up jeans".
                  1. This tells us that Lindo does not really like the modern environment her daughter is living in right now
                2. The mothers try their best to raise there children in a more modern way
                  1. This pushes the daughters further away from there mothers
                    1. Which can also mean they don't understand each other that well
                3. Mothers only wanting best for daughters
                  1. Mothers are trying to help guide their daughters, so they won't make the same mistakes they did in China
                    1. The daughters feel like they are being bossy and interfering in there life
                      1. June thinks her mother's thoughts are that she could become anything that her mother wanted her to be
                        1. In reality her mother never expect her to do this, she was just wanting the best for her daguher
                          1. You want me to be someone I'm not! I'll never be the kind of daughter that you want me to be!
                            1. June thinks that her mother wants her to be something shes not
                              1. But her mother never wanted that, she was just wanting her daughter to have the best opportunities in life
                            2. Lindo is very pick and is always picking out things that could have been better when is comes to Wavelry
                              1. Waverly hates, when her mother is always picking out her mistakes instead of seeing how much she has accomplished, but her mother is just wanting the best for her daughter
                                1. I'm never going to play chess again! You can't make me. You can torture me all you want, I still won't.....did you hear what I said??!!! - Waverly
                                  1. Waverly didn't like how her mother showed her off, because she felt like she was just a trophy to her mother so she wanted to quit.
                                    1. This conflict arouse because of a misunderstanding between Waverly and her mother because her mother was very proud of her and wanted to show everyone how much she appreciated, but her daughter felt a different way
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