The Abduction

Rhiannon Alvarez
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The Abduction
1 Characters
1.1 Megan (Main character who gets abducted by aliens)
1.1.1 John (Character who tries to save Megan from the aliens Aliens (Take Megan)
2 2050. Los Angeles, California. (-1)
3 Plot: Megan sees a flash of light across the sky and suddenly she is abducted by aliens. John tries to save her but it doesn't work. In the end, she gets to go back home and her memory is wiped from all that happened. (-2)
4 Irony: Aliens "don't exist"
5 Climax: Her getting taken by the aliens and what happens when she is with them
6 Resolution: Her getting sent back home from the aliens and not remembering anything.
7 Foreshadow: When the light they see keeps getting closer, you can tell something is gonna happen.
8 17/20
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