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Explain the rational for using observations to inform any of the following


How observation helps you to support children.
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Explain the rational for using observations to inform any of the following
  1. Curriculum planning
    1. Include the child's interests
      1. Observations help you group children according to ability
      2. plan an activity based in the child's ability
        1. Long, medium and short term planning
        2. Assessment
          1. Tells us what the child CAN do
            1. Helps figure out the child's Weakness/pros/cons
              1. able to plan their next step
              2. Able to plan the child's next step
                1. Ways of assessments
                  1. Baseline -
                    1. Formative -
                      1. Summative -
                    2. Resourcing
                      1. Effective?
                        1. Are the resources you're using effective?
                        2. Adaptations
                          1. Is what you're using able to be adapted for higher or lower abilities?
                          2. Meeting indvidual needs
                            1. are the needs of the child being meet?
                          3. Planning activities
                            1. Able to focuse on certain part of development
                              1. Consider age of child
                              2. Plan
                                1. Implement
                                  1. Review
                                    1. Evaluate
                                      1. Plan
                                2. You can link observations and planning together
                                  1. What to consider
                                    1. Child's age
                                      1. Development milestone
                                        1. Basic needs
                                          1. Additional needs
                                        2. Identifying support
                                          1. Supportign children to reach their potentail
                                            1. Action plan
                                              1. All children have individual needs
                                                1. Altering activities based on ability
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