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Paper Things: report by Emma Slaymaker


My report on Paper Things by Jennifer Richard Jackson.
Mind Map by emma.slaymaker, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by emma.slaymaker over 6 years ago

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Paper Things: report by Emma Slaymaker
  1. Setting
    1. Present-day
      1. Modern-day Maine
      2. Main Conflict
        1. Gage and Ari find themselves home and parentless after theiir mother's death from cancer. They become under the care of their babysiter/ moms friend Janna. Gage wants to be indepenent ( he doesn't like Janna) and Ari is forced to go with him, and forced to "couch surf" and stay in shelters.
          1. Ari Is in an advanced school, she starts falling behind, and her world is just beging to fall apart.
          2. Characters
            1. Gage
              1. Brave
                1. Independent
                2. Ari
                  1. Brave
                    1. Strong-willed
                    2. Janna
                      1. Forgiving
                        1. Loving
                      2. Theme
                        1. The message of this book was that asking for help is okay, and staying true to yourself and others at all times, makes life just a little bit better. Also, I thought me to apprecaite all the thing I usually take for grannaite.
                          1. The message/theme was brought out in the book by each one of Ari, Gages, and even Janna's obsticals that they had to overcome. Also, te message was also brought out and reconized by her teachers.
                          2. By Jennifer Richard Jackson
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