Travel Team

Nathan Beneke
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Nathan Beneke
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This is my Q2 Book Project

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Travel Team
  1. Theme
    1. Never say never.
      1. The main character has to coach the team he is playing on.
      2. Main Conflict
        1. The problem is the main character didn't make his travel team so he made his own team and needs to beat the team he didn't make.
          1. The cause is he didn't make his travel team.
          2. Setting
            1. The setting is late fall to early mid-winter.
            2. Charcters
              1. Danny
                1. Responsible
                  1. Really good at basketball.
                  2. Will
                    1. Hilarious
                      1. Laid-back
                      2. Ty
                        1. Really good at basketball.
                          1. Kind
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