Elements of the Novel

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Q2 Book Project

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Elements of the Novel
1 Characters
1.1 Red
1.1.1 Smart
1.1.2 quick
1.2 Rump
1.2.1 adventure seeker
1.2.2 Smart
1.3 Opal
1.3.1 clueless
1.3.2 soft
2 Main conflict
2.1 Conflict/Problem: Rumpel has to spin for the king against his will
2.2 Cause: He has a magic ability to spin straw into gold threads.
3 Theme
3.1 Message/Theme: You have to work for things in your life. Not all things come to you so easily, and there will be bad patches but it gets better.
3.2 How brought out in book- His Mom, Grandma , and Dad die in the beginning, but he works to find his whole name and he has to leave things behind to find what he wants.
4 Setting
4.1 Time: Far away time
4.2 Place: The kingdom, and beyond.
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