Religious Expression

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Religious Expression
  1. Christianity
    1. Christian Symbols 1. Cross – Jesus’ death on cross – forgiveness 2. Baptism – washing away their sins 3. Bread and wine is shared to remind Christians that Jesus bled on the Cross and His body died. This is communion. 4. Fish sign – sign of being a Christian - Letters of Greek word for fish are initial letters of ‘Jesus Christ the Son of God’ in Greek.
      1. Christian Church Symbolism They explain aspects of faith and help people focus on God and pray 1. Cross – to remind of Jesus’ death, resurrection, love and forgiveness 2. Altar – where Holy Communion is celebrated; remembering Jesus on the cross 3. Font for baptising babies; pool for baptising adults 4. Lectern – stand for the Bible and to preach from. 5. Some have stained glass windows or pictures of stories from the Bible
        1. Christian Aid Helps poorer nations, works in over 60 countries in developing world. Aim to make communities self sufficient Educates people in UK about how they may help and why countries are poor For example work in Senegal where they help farmers to improve their farming methods They campaign, provide disaster relief and support fair trade They do this because: God loves the world and all in it; they follow Jesus’ example, his teachings such as loving neighbours, treating other as you would like to be treated and Christian teachings on Justice
          1. Christian Pilgrimage No requirement, but many go to Israel because they: Want to visit places which remember key events in Jesus’ life eg - Church of Nativity (birth), Golgotha (crucifixion), Garden tomb (burial) Feel closer to Jesus Want to increase their commitment Want to understand more about the Bible and the stories they read Some go to Lourdes – Mainly Catholic Christians 1. Place where the Virgin Mary appeared 2. People go in hope of healing; to increase their faith; to increase their commitment; it helps some to feel closer to Mary.
            1. Christianity and sharing faith 1. People should be free to follow whatever religion they like. 2. Some believe that Christ is the one truth and they have a responsibility to encourage others to convert: Jesus said ‘I am the way the truth and the life no-one comes to God without me’ 3. ‘Evangelist’ is someone who tells others about Christianity. 4. They may; preach in town, give leaflets, knock on doors, tell friends and neighbours, invite people to events in Churches.
            2. Islam
              1. Muslim Symbols 1. Aqiqah (shaving the head of a baby). This is a symbol of purity thanking Allah for the gift of a child. 2. Hijab, loose clothing – sign of modesty, purity and being a Muslim. Men should also dress modestly 3. Star and crescent – symbol of Islam and they guide your way. 4. Zakat – sharing your money with the poor
                1. Muslim Pilgrimage All Muslims are expected to go to Makkah at least once in their lifetime. They go because: It is one of the five pillars of Islam To feel part of the worldwide Muslim community (Umma) To get closer to Allah To take part in the different rituals circling the Kaaba etc. All wear the same clothes as a sign of equality - ihram
                  1. Mosque-Symbolism + Prayer Wudu area – to wash before worship No pictures or statues Minaret(tower on the outside) for call to prayer Qibla – points in the direction of the Kaaba in Makkah all Muslims pray towards the Kaaba Raised platform for the Imam to speak from Separate men and women’s area. These symbols explain aspects of faith and help people pray. You will need to explain how.
                    1. Islamic Relief 1. Aims to help poorer countries and communities become self sufficient and develop a ‘caring world’ where people’s basic needs are met. 3. Based on Qur’an and Hadith teachings that Muslims must help those who are in need. 4. They campaign and speak up for the poor 5. They educate and train those who are struggling 6. They provide emergency relief after disasters 7. They provide long term aid such as safe water supplies
                      1. Islam and sharing faith 1. There is no compulsion; people should be free to follow whatever religion they like. 2. Most Muslims believe that only Islam has God’s true message because the Qur’an was dictated to the Prophet Muhammad. 3. Some feel they have a duty to covert others. 4. Most believe Muslims will go to heaven and others to hell. Only Allah knows. 5. Some believe we will all be judged depending on whether we have lived a good life or not.
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