Self Study Project

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self study project

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Self Study Project
1 How do you build a lesson plan or test for a whole class while also focusing on individual needs?
1.1 Know your objective
1.1.1 Standards Common Core Expressive language Proficient reader Phonemic awareness Formative assessments are key Comprehensible input
1.2 Get to know your students
1.2.1 Strengths/ Weaknesses Use Leveled Books Emergent literacy
1.2.2 Know their interests Prior knowledge
1.2.3 Families and backgrounds
1.3 Create engaging lessons
1.3.1 Make it FUN!
2 How do I record and apply records of learning performance to communicate progress?
2.1 Observation
2.1.1 Is student fully engaged? Does student understand what they are learning? Factual Language Guestures Facial Expressions
2.1.2 Appropriate time and place Get comfortable
2.2 Documentation
2.2.1 Assessments Checklists Narrative Anecdotal Pedagogical Time sampling Running records
2.2.2 Display Books Powerpoints Panels Portfolio
2.2.3 Scaffolding Teacher support Prompting Modeling
2.2.4 Front loading
2.3 Interpretation
2.3.1 Create new lesson plans What changes am I noticing over time? What ideas and questions are children exploring? What developmental skills do my observations and documentation identify?
2.3.2 Reinforce
3 How do you respond to a cultural difference in a classroom?
3.1 Humanize types of people that a student has never had an opportunity to interact with personally
3.1.1 Guest speakers Invite family members and friends of children
3.1.2 Posters Represent diverse children on walls in the classroom
3.1.3 Diverse books
3.2 Classroom activities and lessons toward multicultural appreciation
3.2.1 Paint pictures
3.2.2 Food from other countries
3.3 Appreciate their own culture and heritage
3.3.1 Write about it! Journal
3.3.2 Bring in something to describe their own families Pictures and Artifacts
3.3.3 All About Me Project
3.3.4 Funds of knowledge
4 How does a teacher create a safe, orderly and stimulating learning environment that nurtures responsibility, motivation and engagement of learners?
4.1 Create a love for learning
4.1.1 Play Games Dramatic play area Constructivism Blocks, leggos, puzzles Technology and Music
4.1.2 Projects Phase One What are you interested in? Phase Two Research and Discover! Phase Three Show off your expertise! Make a web!
4.1.3 Sharing Time
4.1.4 Guided Reading
4.1.5 Shared Reading
4.1.6 Interactive Read Aloud
4.2 Children are competent creatures
4.2.1 Pick their own learning centers
4.2.2 Child instructed lesson
4.2.3 Offer varied experiences
4.2.4 Child sized furnishings
4.2.5 Gradual release of responsibility
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