The Journy Back

Cooper Smith
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Cooper Smith
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The Journy Back
  1. Characters


    • Characters
    1. Digger
      1. Brave
        1. Strong
        2. Nora
          1. Works
            1. Loves horses
            2. Luke
              1. Excided all the time
                1. likes the outdoors
              2. Main Conflict
                1. Conflict/Problem:
                  1. Digger runs away from the jail that he was put in.
                  2. Cause--
                    1. He was sent to jail in the first book "The Red Kayak" for making a kid die.
                  3. Setting
                    1. Time:
                      1. 21st century
                      2. Place/Location
                        1. Most of the story is located in a camp grounds. Also traveling from Maine to Maryland.
                      3. Theme
                        1. Message/Theme:
                          1. To not do bad things they could lead to even worse things.
                          2. How brought out in book:
                            1. He runs away from the jail that he is put in because he needs to "fix things" at home.
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