Itch Rock

Ethan Holke
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Ethan Holke
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Ethan Holke's book project.

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Itch Rock
  1. Characters
    1. Lucy
      1. Friendly
        1. agressive
        2. Itch
          1. Brave
            1. Smart
            2. Chole
              1. smart
                1. Nice
              2. Theme
                1. crimanl masterminds out smart Itch
                  1. Just because your smart then other people doesn't mean they are smarter then you.
                  2. Main Coflict
                    1. There's eight rocks that of the chemical 126
                      1. Itch is wanted from criminal master minds.
                      2. Setting
                        1. Present
                          1. The U.S.
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