The Cloak Society

Douglas Haradon
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Douglas Haradon
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The Cloak Society
  1. Characters
    1. Alex
      1. Cunning
      2. Kirbie
        1. Defensive
        2. Gage
          1. Extremely intelligent
        3. Main Conflict
          1. Conflict-Alex is slowly starting to learn all the lies that his parents have been feeding him for years and realize that the lie he told Kirbie in the arcade is slowly starting to become his reality
            1. Cause- When Alex was at an arcade he ran into the Ranger Kirbie and to save his skin he told her that he wasn thinking of defecting from Cloak
            2. Theme
              1. Doing the right thing
                1. Instead of fighting alongside Cloak, Alex instead decides to protect the people of Sterling City by betraying Cloak and going to Kirbie to tell her that Cloak is going to raid their tower and set off a bomb with a three mile radius.
                2. Setting
                  1. Time-modern day between 2010-2015
                    1. Place- Texas Sterling City
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