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Basic Information on Bacteria

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1 unicellular
2 Found in Air,soil, water
3 Can be non-pathogenic
4 Conditions for growth
4.1 Temperature
4.2 Food
4.3 Oxygen
4.4 pH Levels
4.5 Moisture
4.6 Time
5 Structure of Bacteria
5.2 Capsule - Protective Layer
5.3 Cell Wall - Gives cell shape
5.4 Cell Membrane - semirane-permeable membrane
5.5 Nuclear Material - Distinguishes one bacteria from another
5.6 Ribosome - Makes proteins
5.7 Flagellae - Allows cell to move
6 Reproduction of Bacteria
6.1 Binary Fission
6.1.1 1.Nuclear material divides in two 2. Membrane forms between two sets of nuclear Material 3. cell wall forms dividing cell into two daughter cells 4. Cells separate Bacteria produce rapidly
7 Advantages and disadvantages of Bacteria
7.1 Advantages
7.1.1 Produce vit B & K used as a starter culture of yoghurt Breaks down waste matter
7.2 Disadavantage
7.2.1 Cause food spoilage cause food poisoning cause disease ie. Cholera
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