Meiosis Diagram

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A perfect diagram for understanding the cycle of meiosis.

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Meiosis Diagram
1 gametes
1.1 produce sex cells- egg or sperm
2 Chromosome number
2.1 diploid
2.1.1 cells that contain both sets of homologous chromosomes- 2N
2.2 haploid
2.2.1 gametes with a single set of chromosomes- N
3 Meiosis 1
3.1 Interphase 1
3.1.1 DNA replication
3.2 Prophase 1
3.2.1 each chromosome pairs with it's correspondent to form a tetrad that consists of 4 chromatids
3.2.2 crossing over when the homologous chromosomes form tetrads they exchange portions of their chromatids which produce new combinations of alleles
3.3 Metaphase 1
3.4 Anaphase 1
3.5 Telophase 1 & Cytokinesis
3.5.1 cell separates into 2 haploid cells that are different from each other
4 Meiosis II
4.1 the 2 haploid cells produced by meiosis 1 enter meiosis II
4.2 unlike meiosis, neither cell goes through chromosome replication
4.3 each of the cell's chromosomes has 2 chromatids
4.4 Prophase II
4.5 Metaphase II
4.6 Anaphase II
4.7 Telophase II & Cytokinesis
4.7.1 results in 4 haploid daughter cells- N
4.7.2 each containing unreplicated chromosomes
5 female
5.1 results in 1 egg
5.2 other 3 (polar bodies) aren't involved in reproduction
6 male
6.1 results in 4 equal-sized gametes called sperm
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