impacts of tourism

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impacts of tourism
  1. economic impacts
    1. positive
      1. increased income and employment, improved infrastructure and resulting multiplier effect
      2. negative
        1. decline in traditional employment, seasonal and often low-paid employment, leakages, increased cost of living and tradition
      3. environmental impacts
        1. positive
          1. improved landscape, conservation and regeneration
          2. negative
            1. traffic congestion, air, noise and water pollution, destruction of natural wildlife systems and breeding patterns
          3. socio-cultural
            1. negative
              1. conflicts between tourists and the host community, social problems and loss of cultural identity
              2. positive
                1. preservation of customs and crafts and understanding of local culture of the host community
              3. likely impacts in rural MEDW
                1. traffic congestion
                  1. seasonal employment
                    1. creates employment opportunities
                      1. creates wealth
                        1. improvement in services for local people
                          1. litter
                            1. improved facilities
                              1. damage to flora and fauna
                                1. increased in house prices
                                  1. foot path erosion
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