Beck: 'risk society' and the negotiated family

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A Levels Sociology (Family and Households) Mind Map on Beck: 'risk society' and the negotiated family, created by dottydiva96 on 12/12/2013.

Created by dottydiva96 almost 6 years ago
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Beck: 'risk society' and the negotiated family
1 Beck argues we live in a 'risk society' where tradition has less influence and people have more choice
1.1 This makes us more risk-aware
1.1.1 When we make decisions, risks and rewards are calculated
2 'Risk society' contrasts with previous fixed roles and less choice
2.1 e.g. expected to marry, have children, men breadwinner, woman homemaker
3 Although traditional patriarchal family was oppressive, provided stability for family life
4 Patriarchal family has been undermined by two trends
4.1 Greater gender equality
4.1.1 Male domination challenge in all aspects of life
4.2 Greater individualism
4.2.1 People's actions are influenced more bu calculations of their own self-interest than a sense of obligation to others
5 Negotiated family emerged
5.1 Families vary according to wishes and expectations of members
5.2 Relationship entered on equal basis
5.3 Less stable than nuclear - individuals free to leave if needs not met
5.4 Safe haven from risk society

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