River Processes

Emily Gibson
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Emily Gibson
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GCSE Geography (Rivers) Mind Map on River Processes, created by Emily Gibson on 12/21/2013.

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River Processes
1 Weathering
1.1 Mechanical
1.1.1 Freeze-thaw
1.1.2 Erosion
1.2 Chemical
1.2.1 Carbonation
1.2.2 Acid rain
1.3 Biological
1.3.1 Plant roots
1.3.2 Burrowing animals
2 Erosion
2.1 Hydraulic action
2.1.1 Force of water breaks rock away from channel
2.2 Corrasion
2.2.1 Rocks scrape and rub against channel
2.3 Attrition
2.3.1 Rocks smash into each other, break into smaller bits..edges rub and rounded
2.4 Corrosion
2.4.1 Rocks dissolved by river
3 Transportation
3.1 Traction
3.1.1 Large bits pushed along river bed by force of water
3.2 Saltation
3.2.1 Pebbles bounced along river bed by force of water
3.3 Suspension
3.3.1 Small bits carried along by water
3.4 Solution
3.4.1 Soluble bits dissolve and carried along
4 Deposition
4.1 When river drops eroded material
4.2 When river slows down
4.3 Reasons why
4.3.1 Water volume falls
4.3.2 Increase in amount of material
4.3.3 River is shallower
4.3.4 River reaches it's mouth
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