Strange Situation Results (Ainsworth 1970)

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AS level Psychology- JYO (AS Developmental Psychology) Mind Map on Strange Situation Results (Ainsworth 1970), created by soozi fullstop on 12/22/2013.

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Strange Situation Results (Ainsworth 1970)
1 Secure Attachment
1.1 Mum= safe base (explored environment when present)
1.2 Separation anxiety shown- crying when left and welcomes the mum's return
1.3 Settles down to play quite quickly
1.4 Wary of stranger, who's treated v. differently to mum
1.5 70% of babies in this category
2 Insecure Avoidant
2.1 Some separation anxiety, but no confort-seeking on return
2.2 Rejected comfort from stranger
2.3 Generally kept a distance and avoided closeness
3 Insecure-Resistant
3.1 High separation anxiety shown
3.2 Angry and rejects mum upon return
3.3 Alternates between wanting closeness and distance
3.4 15% of babies
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The Strange Situation (Ainsworth 1970)
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