Nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales

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Nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales
1 Scottish National Party (SNP)
1.1 Central aim of achieving independent Scotland
1.2 Supported the formation of devolved parliament with tax-varying powers in 1997 referendum
1.3 At 2007 Scottish Parliament elections, SNP campaigned for referendum on full independence for Scotland
1.3.1 Secured 49 out of 129 seats
1.3.2 Formed a minority government - coalition arrangements failed
1.3.3 2009 Scottish Parliament Elections, secured a working majority (69 seats)
2 Plaid Cymru (PC)
2.1 Central aim of achieving independent Wales
2.2 Aims to encourage preservation of Welsh culture and the use of Welsh language
2.3 Failure to secure independent Wales in 1979 referendum (20% 'yes' in 58% turnout)
2.4 Performed quite well in Assembly elections between 1999 and 2001
2.4.1 Entered coalition with Welsh Labour Party in 2007
2.5 2011 elections PC secured only 18.6% of the vote, and 11 out of 60 seats

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