Marxist perspective on family and social policy

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A Levels Sociology (Family and Households) Mind Map on Marxist perspective on family and social policy, created by dottydiva96 on 01/04/2014.

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Marxist perspective on family and social policy
1 Conflict theory
1.1 Society is based on class conflict
1.1.1 Bourgeoisie and the proletartiet
1.1.2 RC own means of production and exploit WC who are nothing but labour power
2 All institutions in a capitalist society help maintain class inequality and exploitation
3 State and policies serve capitalism
3.1 Low level of state pensions are a way of 'maintaining' people at minimum cost once they can no longer produce profits
3.2 Improvements can be lost again
4 Some policies have come because of capitlism
4.1 During WWII women could work because men were fighting
4.1.1 Women were the reserved army of labour

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