Unit 8: Rising Global Tensions

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Enlightenment, Revolutions, Modernization

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Unit 8: Rising Global Tensions
1 Enlightenment Philosophers
1.1 John Locke
1.1.1 Natural rights: Life, Liberty, Property. Two Treatises on Government
1.2 Voltaire
1.2.1 Separation of Church and State
1.3 Rousseu
1.3.1 Governments should be what the people want natural innocence corrupted by societal evils The Social Contract community above individual little limit on citizens
1.4 Effects
1.4.1 Questioning of rulers possible removed idea of divine right to rule Influenced future governments Set stage for revolutions
2 Absolutism
2.1 King Louis XIV
2.1.1 No power checks, boosted military, collected more taxes to build Palace of Versaille
2.2 Tsar Peter the Great
2.2.1 westernizations, boosted economy and military
3 Revolutions
3.1 English
3.2 American
3.3 Haitian
3.4 Latin American
3.5 French Revolution


  • Third Estate declares themselves a National Assembly Stormed Bastille, beginning Reign of Terror: Committee of Public Safety protected new government and removed traitors The Directory Napolean
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