Approaches & Methodologies

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EESL 630

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Approaches & Methodologies
  1. Grammatical
    1. origins are from 19th century classical Greek and Latin instruction, maintains a teacher-centered emphasis on rules and structure of target language
      1. methodologies include grammar-translation, direct, and audiolingual
        1. grammar-translation method: emphasis on reading, writing, and grammar; rules of grammar are taught explicitly
          1. direct method: total immersion in L2, open-ended responses
            1. audiolingual method: emphasizes error correction, drills, and repetitive practice
            2. application: after reading a passage, the teacher asks students to define words, as well ascome up with synonyms and antonyms of certain words
              1. Communicative
                1. language learning through communication, constructivism, and social interaction; student-centered
                  1. methodologies include silent way, natural way, suggestopedia, integrated content-based, and sheltered instruction
                    1. silent way: teacher modeling and talking, rarely content-based
                      1. natural way: comprehensible input, minimal error correction
                        1. suggestopedia: relaxed physical setting, use of L1 for explanations
                          1. integrated content-based: L2 development, content + language
                            1. sheltered instruction: grade-level modified curriculum, scaffolding
                            2. application: when learning about Thanksgiving, students talk with each other about what they do for Thanksgiving as well as holidays that are important to them
                              1. Cognitive
                                1. learner-centered, explicit teaching of learning strategies
                                  1. methodologies include CALLA
                                    1. CALLA: focus on CALP in L1 and L2, prior knowledge, developmentally appropriate language instruction
                                    2. application: students are able to self-monitor so they can check their reading comprehension
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