Jo - A Taste of Honey. Character/Traits and quotes

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Jo - A Taste of Honey. Character/Traits and quotes
1 Key Quotes
1.1 ‘I’m sick of you. You make my life a misery’
1.2 ‘If I was a man and my wife had a baby that wasn’t mine I’d sling her out’
1.3 ‘I’ll probably never see you again. I know it. But I don’t care. Stay with me now. It’s enough.’
1.4 ‘If you don’t watch it, you’ll end up an old down and out boozer knocking back the meths’
1.5 ‘You know I used to try and hold my mother’s hands but she always used to pull them away from me. So silly really. She had so much love for everyone else, but none for me’
1.6 ‘How could you go with a half wit?’
1.7 ‘I think I’ve had enough. I’m sick of love. That’s why I’m letting you stay here. You won’t start anything.’
1.8 ‘The time to have taken care of me was years ago when I couldn’t take care of myself’
1.9 ‘For the first time in my life I feel really important. I feel as though I could take care of the whole world. I even feel I could take care of you, too!’
2 Personality
2.1 Strong: able to face her mother's neglect ion and alcoholism
2.2 Versatile - Moves around a lot
2.3 Aware and in touch
2.4 Jo has higher standards than Helen
2.5 Ambitious
2.6 Depressed
2.7 Pessimistic
3 Traits
3.1 Artistic
3.2 Humorous
3.3 Afraid of the dark
3.4 Jo knows she has potential
3.5 Expects the worst
3.6 She knows what she wants

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