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Case Studies
1 Coasts
1.1 Emergent coastlines
1.1.1 Raised beaches
1.2 Submergent coastlines
1.2.1 Ria Ria de Arosa, Spain
1.2.2 Fjord Sognefjord, Norway
1.2.3 Dalmation coast Croatia
1.3 Erosional landforms
1.3.1 Headlands and bays The Foreland Dorset Chalk Swanage Bay
1.3.2 Cove Lulworth Cove
1.3.3 Arch Durdle Door
1.3.4 Stack and stump Old Harry and his wife
1.3.5 Wave cut notch Flamborough Head Chalk Yorkshire
1.4 Depositional landforms
1.4.1 Sand dunes (psammosere) Ynylas Pioneer species Couch grass Climatic climax vegetation Oak trees
1.4.2 Spit Spurn Head Yorkshire
1.4.3 Tombolo Chesil Beach Dorset Joins mainland to the Isle of Portland
1.4.4 Bar Slapton Ley Devon
1.4.5 Beach Brighton
1.5 Coastal flooding
1.5.1 MEDC Netherlands 40% land mass below sea level Coastline is less than 5m elevation
1.5.2 LEDC Bangladesh Causes Tropical cyclones (low pressure storms) Coastal surge up river estuary. Water funneled. Water height up to 9m Strong winds 180km/hr Monsoon rainfall Low lying land 1000 people per square kilometre Impacts Disease Cholera Thyphoid Crops ruined Famine 80% rice crop ruined 4 million people affected 300,000 died 1 million homeless Half million cows drowned 2/3 fishing fleet lost Habitats affected More wetlands More mosquitoes Malaria Mangroves destroyed Loss of coastal defence Bengal tigers habitat destroyed Increased salinity of soils 1/2 national territory flooded Aid
1.6 Coastal management
1.6.1 Hard Sheringham Sea walls Groynes Rock armour Fairlight Remedial works Grading Cliff drainage Rock armour
1.6.2 Soft Pett Level Beach nourishment Abbots Hall Farm Managed retreat
1.6.3 Shoreline management plans
1.7 Cliff retreat
1.7.1 Barton on Sea
2 Rivers
2.1 River flooding
2.1.1 MEDC
2.1.2 LEDC
2.2 River management
2.2.1 Colorado
2.3 Rejuvenation
2.3.1 Incised meander Grand Canyon, Colorado
2.3.2 Entrenched meander
2.4 Drainage basins
2.4.1 Dendritic Amazon
2.4.2 Deranged Siberia
2.4.3 Sub Parallel Begna River, Norway
2.4.4 Radial Ben Nevis
2.4.5 Centripetal Loch Neagh, Northern Ireland
2.4.6 Trellis Luangwa River, Zambia
2.5 Erosional landforms
2.5.1 Waterfall Niagara
2.5.2 Gorge Cheddar Gorge
2.5.3 Meander Colorado
2.5.4 Oxbow lake Cuckmere Haven
2.5.5 Levees and floodplains Sheyeene River, North Dakota
2.5.6 V-shaped valleys
2.6 Despositional landforms
2.6.1 Alluvial fan
2.6.2 Delta Bird foot Mississippi Arcuate Nile Cuspate Ebro, Spain
2.6.3 Braided river Iceland
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