1627 - 1628

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History AS (Crown, Parliament and Authority) (Charles I) Mind Map on 1627 - 1628, created by Katie Difford on 04/19/2013.

Katie Difford
Created by Katie Difford over 6 years ago
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1627 - 1628
1 1627
1.1 Forced Loan
1.1.1 Those who would have normally paid parliamentary subsidies were pressured to "lend " money
1.1.2 Few dared disobey A few refused and arrested Lord Chief Justice Crew refused to state it was legal and was dismissed
1.2 Landing at the Ile de Re
1.3 Sibthropes defence of FL
1.4 Billeting and Martial Law
1.5 Five Knights' Case
1.5.1 Imprisoned for refusing to pay FL
1.5.2 Tested the legaltiy of their imprisonment by Habeas Corpus
1.5.3 Sir Robert Heath - should be able to lock people up without trial
1.5.4 Although 5 knights released in 1628, but raised fears of an absolutist monarch

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