The darkness out there- Mrs Rutter

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The darkness out there- Mrs Rutter
1 'Tea my duck'- considerate tone, innocent, good first impressions
2 'cluttered will old calanders and pictures torn from newspapers'- old, lonely, remenising on the past. her way of reconnecting with her past
3 'There was a smell of cabbage'-
4 'big-eyed flop-eared rabbits' and 'beribboned kittens'- implies her harmless, sweet, affectionate side
5 'Bedraggled garden'- doesnt spend much time on her home, elderly
6 'In Belgium, and he never came back'- her husband died in war
7 'Smell of damp and mouse'- negative, implying a nasty side to her
8 'We went back inside'- 'The boy and girl sat quite still'- the children found out Mrs Rutters secret about leaving an innocent man to die.
8.1 the shock the children feel causes a total contrast on the thought they had at the begining of the story about Mrs Rutter
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